escorts in London talk relationships

So today we’re going to talk about relationship but these is not the typical Relationship advice, we Escorts in London will talk about shady people that is in a relationship to alert ladies out there.

The things that shady people do in relationships, and when I say shady I mean dishonest. I’m not going to talk about red flags, that represent you know other serious character flaws. I’m talking about things that show that either the person that’s just not that into you and not being honest about it, or they’re lying or cheating or something like that.

One, the wandering eye this has been vastly debated over the years over and over and over again. it’s one of those things where a lot of people will say “oh it’s normal it’s okay to look as long as you’re not touching” if you’re with someone and you catch them checking other people out on any sort of regular basis they’re really not into you. It might be normal every once in a blue moon to happen to do a double-take when somebody enters a room and they happen to scream for attention in some way or they’re really attractive. But when somebody’s really into you so glance once and go right back to you.

Number two not changing their relationship status on Facebook to reflect your new commitment. If you’re dating someone and you guys call each other boyfriend and girlfriend or partners or whatever you want to call each other and they’re not changing their Facebook status even though you have. There’s something shady going on obviously it’s not something that you could just brush under the rug. Somebody who’s excited to be with you is going to scream it from the mountaintops they’re not going to hide it.

Number three changing their phone passcode suddenly or their social media passwords if somebody suddenly changes their passcode and you used to know it but they don’t tell you and they won’t tell you what the new passcode is, should be a deal breaker. When your partner is secretive and not an open book that’s not a good sign honest people are an open book.When you have nothing to hide there’s no reason to be changing stuff suddenly so that you can you know keep somebody from looking through your phone and everything.

it’s funny because oftentimes they’ll once you confront them on this they’ll clay oh you should just trust me, it’s like well I wouldn’t trust you if you weren’t doing shady things.

Number four acting like you’re being clingy when all you’re doing is trying to see them on a basis that is appropriate to the level of your relationship. oftentimes we fear being too clingy and so we play hard-to-get, or we wait a long time to reach out to someone but when you really hit it off with someone and you feel it and you’re getting the impression they’re in the you too but then when you try to hang out with them say once a week or something but they act distant or they act like you’re smothering them when all you’re doing is reaching out every couple of days or saying hey you want to hang out this weekend and they act like they “need space” they’re not into you or they’re seeing someone else or they have a secret second family somewhere.

number five not introducing you to their friends and family when somebody like I said earlier when somebody is excited about you and this is a great healthy relationship and you’re into each other they’re going to be showing you off they’re going to be proud of you they’re going to be introducing you to their best buddies and their family if you know at the chance the next chance they have, they’re not going to be hiding you and like I said before it might be because they have a secret family somewhere else that the friends and family know about.

number-6 not ever seeing you at their place not ever inviting you to their place or rarely to never taking you out in public if they only see you when they go over to your place they’re hiding something, and it may not be just a messy room. Okay, you got to judge each situation in its own context obviously not everything I listed is black and white you know cut and dried obviously there’s gray matter you want to judge based on what your guts telling you.